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Acu-Injections - Safe and Effective Medicine for Pain and Inflammation
Acu-injections are a safe and effective technique used in traditional Chinese Medicine to help reduce both pain and inflammation and to increase the healing time of most injuries. It has been used for many years in both China and Western Europe. In Europe, Doctors have used Homeopathic Medicine and local anaesthetics such as Procaine to naturally treat injuries in the body. In China Doctors have injected Chinese Herbs such as Fu Zi and Dan Shen Dang Gui to help with diseases such as Fibromyalgia and Heart Disease.
These Medicines are injected into muscles or joints by a very fine needle to relieve pain and inflammation. Injections are done at the site of pain, which is also usually the site of trauma to the body so it can produce immediate results and can be done safely for many treatments over a period of time.
This Natural Medicine technique is entirely safe! It is not cortisone or any harmful drug. Acu-injections are for the use of natural medicine with little if any side effects. You may feel a little light-headed after a treatment or need to rest for 15-20 minutes after the treatment so that it can start to work in the body. The results from a short series of treatments can be very long lasting, even in chronic conditions.
Acu-injections is great for back pain, disc injury, scar tissue, sciatica, neuralgia, shoulder pain, bursitis, tennis elbow, sports injuries, post surgical pain, sinusitis, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, TMJ, and arthritis.
The ingredients that are commonly used are:
Procaine 1-2% - a local anaesthetic, which can last between 30-60 minutes, used to reduce pain and on a cellular level opens up cells to allow other medicines to be absorbed to promote the healing mechanism
Truameel is Homeopathic Medicine used to treat trauma in the body by reducing the inflammation and promoting healing in the body (saline based) Lymphosot is Homeopathic Medicine, which is used for chronic injury to help improve circulation of the lymphatic system to remove toxicity from the site of injury Vitamin B 12 used to help promote blood circulation at the site of the injury.





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